[pmwiki-users] Issue with localize caracters in folders and files name

cguenette at globetrotter.net cguenette at globetrotter.net
Thu Dec 8 09:50:14 CST 2011

Is there a way to get folders and files name "Bénévole" instead of "Bénévoles"? (samething for every French caracter.)

Also, this wiki page has upload but the wiki tag Attach:Main.Bénévole/info.png doesn't work. Nothing is display (wiki tag not reconized?). The info.png file exist in [PMWiki]/uploads/Main/BénBévoles. If I create a "Benevoles" page, with same upload file and Attach:Main.Benevole.info.png, it's work.

Any idea? Thanks!
Caroline Guénette
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