[pmwiki-users] Help with Authuser and Group administration

wikinovice at giftofcorn.com wikinovice at giftofcorn.com
Sun Dec 18 13:35:47 CST 2011


Thanks, again.  I'll try to test out all of the information you've given me.

And I have set a sitewide edit password in config.php.  So if I can figure
out how to give the permissions I want to groups or smaller sets of pages,
or users, I should be all set.


> PS: maybe useful to add:
> you set sitewide default passwords in config.php,
> set wiki group specific passwords in a GroupAttributes
> page with
> MyGroup.GroupAttributes?action=attr
> and set page specific passwords for a page with
> MyGroup.MyPage?action=attr
> Any page attributes have dominance over wiki group attributes,
> and group attributes have dominance over sitewide attributes.
> So there is a hierarchy.
> Pages in group SiteAdmin are locked by default. That's why it is good
> to set an admin password in config.php.
> Pages in other groups are open for editing by default, unless you've
> set a sitewide edit password in config.php, or a Group specific edit
> password for a wiki group.
>   ~Hans

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