[pmwiki-users] Odd behaviour - wikicmds div missing at times

Peter Payzant pce at accesswave.ca
Wed Dec 28 10:31:07 CST 2011


Thanks for the information - lots to learn here, and this was very 

My problem was that I had a typo in one of the group view or edit 
categories, thus referring to a non-existent authorization group. This 
has the effect of suppressing the PageActions div under some 
circumstances. Annoyingly, it also makes it impossible to log out - but 
clearing the browser cookies got me around that issue.


Peter Payzant

On 2011/12/27 5:01 PM, Petko Yotov wrote:
> On Sunday 25 December 2011 21:31:24, Peter Payzant wrote :
>> I'm getting a behaviour which I don't understand. At times,  the
>> "wikicmds" div (View/Edit/History/Attach/Print/Backlinks/Logout) is not
>> appearing on my pages. At other times it does appear as usual.
>> ...
>> I can't work out the circumstances under which this div doesn't appear.
>> Can anyone shed any light on this?
> These commands are actually in your wiki page [[Site.PageActions]].
> On some pages or in a GroupHeader or GroupFooter you can have a (:noaction:)
> command which disables the actions.
> If a group contains a page named Group.PageActions, even if it is empty, it
> will be used instead of the page Site.PageActions. Such a page should be
> deleted with the keyword "delete" when saving the page.
> If a user doesn't have a read permission for the group Site or for the page
> Site.PageActions, the links will not be displayed.
> If you use different skins in different areas of your wiki, some of them may
> not be designed to include the *.PageActions pages.
> Lastly, some recipes or skins may use the function SetTmplDisplay() or the
> variable $TmplDisplay['PageActionFmt'] which may disable the page actions.
> Petko
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