[pmwiki-users] Static 'site maps'?

Steve G. wordz2u at gmail.com
Sat Jan 1 22:08:21 CST 2011

Happy New Year, everyone!

I am seeking advice about creating navigation aids for my wikis.

Here is a quick background: I have a wiki farm running on an ancient
computer. It has 3 sites:

1. www.words2u.net which redirects to http://www.words2u.net/pmwiki/
2. www.words2u.net/recipes
3. www.words2u.net/spanish

To facilitate using the site, I created 'site maps' - dynamically generated
wiki pages, which contain a pagelist for each group I want to include. For
example, on recipes, there is a site map page,
http://www.words2u.net/recipes/index.php?n=Recipes.Recipes which include a
line for each group as follows:  (:pagelist group=Breads list=normal
order=-ctime fmt=#title -Template:)

I tried a list for all groups in the site using  (:pagelist list=normal
order=-ctime fmt=#title -Template:), but then the list does not break the
recipes and does not even list the groups, only the page names. So it is
hard to tell what is a bread and what is a soup, etc. (I may be ignorant of
the way to create a better list structure, as I am not much of an expert in
pmwiki, so feel free to advise on the proper usage of pagelist.)

NOW to the question:

The main site has a large number of pages, and the site map,
http://www.words2u.net/pmwiki/?n=Home.SiteMap, takes a long time to generate
dynamically. It is not a traffic issue, as the problem exists also in the
local network. Rather, it is a processing issue. I get much faster response
with pages that have images much larger in size.

I would like to be able to create a static page with the same content, which
will be updated daily, or whenever a new page is created. Is there a way in
pmwiki to have such a page? Maybe a script that will run the pagelist with
the same parameters as the current page, and write to an existing page, or
create a new one.



Check out my web site - www.words2u.net
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