[pmwiki-users] translation difficulties

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Jan 13 01:13:41 CST 2011

FYI: All new languages (PmWikiXx) added from now on will have the UTF-8 
encoding forced so that the former difficulties with broken characters should 
not happen. UTF-8 is actually enabled on all PmWikiXx wikigroups that don't 
already use another encoding. 

I *think* existing groups should be unchanged, but if you notice some strange 
characters or question marks in a group that used to work fine, tell me (I may 
have forgotten some).


On Tuesday 28 December 2010 02:14:34, Petko Yotov wrote :
> On Monday 27 December 2010 12:19:14, Peter Bowers wrote :
> > I'm in process of translating PmWiki into shqip and having some
> > difficulties with special characters.
> ...
> > Obviously this has something to do with character sets and the whole
> > UTF-8 thing, but I'm kind of hazy on this whole area...
> Sigh. Indeed I should improve this. :-(
> On pmwiki.org and on a clean default installation, if you haven't called
> xlpage-utf-8.php, and if you haven't loaded an XLPage defining an encoding,
> then Latin-1 is assumed and used.
> So, when you are about to create the XLPage and paste your special
> characters that are outside of the Latin-1 charset, Mozilla browsers
> submit them as unicode HTML-entities. (I'm not sure what other browsers
> do: if they submit your text characters, they may well become question
> marks when saved.)
> But when you save the page, if the page sets the utf-8 encoding then the
> next load is in utf-8. You no longer need HTML-entities, they are more
> difficult or even impossible to edit in non-latin languages.
> Catch 22.
> > (1) How *should* I have done the above?  Different order, different
> > steps, what?
> *You* shouldn't have to do it differently, *I* should fix it so that it
> doesn't behave this way.
> Currently you could edit the XLPage, set only the entry
>     'xlpage-i18n' => 'utf-8',
> save the page, and after that re-edit and fill in all the translations.
> If a PmWikiXx/XLPage doesn't exist, pmwiki.org should now assume the UTF-8
> encoding which supports all characters from all languages.
> > (2) How can I get the text from PmWikiSq/XLPage now that it's messed up? 
> > I can copy/paste from my local copy, but if I didn't have that solution
> > available what would I do then?
> If pressing the "Back" button on your browser doesn't show the text area as
> you submitted it, it is likely that you have to re-type the page. :-)
> Petko
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