[pmwiki-users] href="a group's last edited page", or pagelist results in template files

viki.veeks at gmail.com viki.veeks at gmail.com
Sat Jan 15 13:11:25 CST 2011

Dear list,

In one of my template files,
I would like to have a link to a Group's last edited page. I would want 
to write something like the following pseudocode:

<a href="(:pagelist order=-time count=1 list=normal group=mygroup:)">My 

I'm simplifying things because `My Group' is not simply two words. It's 
a chunk of HTML, and I'm having problems writing a custom pagelist 
template for it :-)

Is it possible to get at the results of a pagelist from within template 
files? Specifically, in a template file, what would be one way of 
retrieving the address of a group's last edited page?


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