[pmwiki-users] href="a group's last edited page", or pagelist results in template files

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Sun Jan 16 11:01:03 CST 2011

On 1/16/2011 7:57 AM, viki.veeks at gmail.com wrote:
> I hope this makes clearer what I mean with: ``in a template, is it
> possible to retrieve the address of a group's last edited page?''
Yes. You include a PmWiki page, which contains a pagelist as Kathyrn 
described. For an example, specifically of finding the last edited page 
in a group, take a look at the Skidoo skin, which displays this type of 
information in tabs on the skin.

The Site.Skidoo-Tabs, which has a section which contains:
   (:pagelist group=-{$SiteGroup},-PmWiki 
trail={$SiteGroup}.AllRecentChanges count=40 list=normal 
fmt=#Skidoo_MRU_Group_List group={$Group}:)

Which you could adapt, something like this in a file Site.LatestEditedPage:
   (:pagelist group=-{$SiteGroup},-PmWiki 
trail={$SiteGroup}.AllRecentChanges count=1 list=normal group={$Group}:)

You can then include from the.tmpl file:

  ~ ~ Dave

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