[pmwiki-users] How to set the mark of the fox form to a given choice (emplacement) in my page...

Jerome Esnault jerome.esnault at inria.fr
Thu Jan 27 11:39:00 CST 2011


I'm a newbie on PmWiki... I use Fox form (like the FoxCommentBox example on the site) to set a comment. 

But I have 3 parts (titles in my current page) and I would like to set a comment below the right mark (the right title) with 1 fox Form. It's possible to set a mark variable define by an input list name in a form? And how can I do that? 


regards. J.Esnault 

here : remplace the title by the name list {$$name[]} ? 

(:fox gp put=below mark= !!!Historique template=TemplateSofaVR-GP#GP:) 
|| Heading:||(:input text heading size=60:) 
|| ||'''Your Message''' || 
|| ||(:input textarea description cols=60 rows=6:) || 
|| Criticité:||(:input select criticity 1:)(:input select criticity 2:)(:input select criticity 3:)(:input select criticity 4:)(:input select name=criticity value=5 selected=selected:) 
Liste: (:input select name=liste value=Autre selected=selected:)(:input select liste Sofa:)(:input select liste Sofa-VR:)(:input select liste OSG:)(:input select liste C++:) || 
|| Author:||(:input text author value='{$Author}' :) (:input submit post Enter:) || 
(:foxend gp:) 

Site. TemplateSofaVR-GP 

(:div1 class=messagehead:) 
[-{$$(date d.m.Y - H:i)}-]   (:if auth edit:){[foxdelrange]}(:if:) 
(:if equal "{$$criticity[]}" "1":)[++%green%'''{$$criticity[]}'''%%++](:if:) 
(:if equal "{$$criticity[]}" "2":)[++%green%'''{$$criticity[]}'''%%++](:if:) 
(:if equal "{$$criticity[]}" "3":)[++%color=#ff7f00%'''{$$criticity[]}'''%%++](:if:) 
(:if equal "{$$criticity[]}" "4":)[++%color=#ff7f00%'''{$$criticity[]}'''%%++](:if:) 
(:if equal "{$$criticity[]}" "5":)[++%red%'''{$$criticity[]}'''%%++](:if:) 
Liste : '''{$$liste[]}'''\\ 
De : '''{$$author}''' 

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