[pmwiki-users] Having problems adding a user to SiteAdmin/AuthUser

Tamara Temple tamouse.lists at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 10:05:59 CDT 2011

On Jul 2, 2011, at 9:34 AM, Oliver Betz wrote:

> Tamara Temple wrote:
> [...]
>> I did check all that, triple checked it, reset the password a few
>> times and triple checked it again, still no love.
> did you try another username, another password, or even another
> username+password pair?

Yes, the other user shown there works fine, and has worked since I  
figured out how to use AuthUser the first time. This is the first time  
I've attempted to add another user.

> It should be possible to isolate the problem somehow.
> BTW, I never had problems with AuthUser.

I'm sure most people don't -- I have had nothing but problems with it  
since I started trying to use it. I got it into a working state  
somehow with one user, but now I can't seem to add additional users.

>> I've since dumped AuthUser and have gone with UserAuth2. This worked
>> first time and every time for me, whereas I've had repeated problems
>> with AuthUser. It's pretty clear I just do not understand how  
>> AuthUser
>> works.
> What exactly don't you understand with AuthUser?

Um, why doesn't it work for me?

I have had it working with one user just fine. It's now when I attempt  
to add another user that things aren't working. In the past I had  
several problems with it, mostly from not understanding how to specify  
the users and groups in the page, to setting permissions on the  
various pages and groups. Right now, I do not see why it isn't working  
the way I expect it to, which is probably my error in not  
understanding how it works.

I thought I should just be able to add an additional user/password  
combo, add the user to the various groups, and have things work as  
ever with the new user. But as shown, it isn't working for me.

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