[pmwiki-users] Interesting behaviour with (:linebreaks:)

Tamara Temple tamouse.lists at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 07:56:02 CDT 2011

On Jul 7, 2011, at 3:22 AM, Petko Yotov wrote:

> On Thursday 07 July 2011 09:57:54, Tamara Temple wrote :
>> I had a wiki page with (:linebreaks:) at the top and no matching
>> (:nolinebreaks:) elsewhere. When I went to Preview the edits, the
>> (:linebreaks:) directive continued on into the edit cheat sheet below
>> the textarea box. I'm wondering if this is true with all such page
>> markup, and if anyone thinks this might be a bug?
> In the latest version 2.2.27 this was fixed this by inserting  
> (:nolinebreaks:)
> at the top of the page Site.EditQuickReference. If you cannot  
> upgrade, just
> add it yourself.
> This fix was assumed part of the "Update documentaion" changes and  
> wasn't
> mentioned in the Release notes.

I did come to that workaround myself, but it does not really seem like  
a fix. For sure, I wouldn't expect this for included files that I am  
creating and using for my own wiki contents, but as the  
EditQuickReference is part of the interface (although also part of the  
wiki), I wouldn't have expected to need to do this. As the previewed  
material comes after the EditQuickReference, I'm not sure why it is  
having this effect. (:linebreaks:) doesn't normally affect the  
material before it in a page.

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