[pmwiki-users] MarkupExprPlus installation error

adm admolot at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 05:04:59 CDT 2011

PHP Version 5.3.3


When tried to use this recipe 
(http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/MarkupExprPlus) error pop up.

Exact steps that lead to the error:
1) Download markupexprplus.php into 'cookbook' folder
2) Add to config.php
3) Open path pmwiki.php?n=Site.LocalTemplates?action=edit in web browser and 
add this (admin password was requested):

(:if false:)
(:template first {=$Group}:)
!![[{=$Group}/]] {(setq grouppagecount 0)}
(:table width=100%:)
(:cellnr width=30%:)
(:template each:)
[[{=$Group}/{=$Name}]] {(setq grouppagecount (add {$grouppagecount} 1))}
(:if2 equal {(mod {$grouppagecount} 3)} 0 :)
(:cellnr width=30%:)
(:cell width=30%:)
(:template last {=$Group}:)

After clicking 'save', this errors pop up:

Warning: Division by zero in 
J:\home\wiki\www\pmwiki\cookbook\markupexprplus.php(139) : eval()'d code on 
line 1

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output 
started at J:\home\wiki\www\pmwiki\cookbook\markupexprplus.php(139) : 
eval()'d code:1) in J:\home\wiki\www\pmwiki\pmwiki.php on line 1130

Any ideas as to how to fix it would be appreciated. 
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