[pmwiki-users] Conference Registration Form

Predrag Punosevac ppunosevac at devio.us
Thu Jun 23 01:38:32 CDT 2011

Dear All,

I apologize if this question has been asked already in the past.  I
tried to look through the mailing list archive but I could not find
needed information.

I just did a fresh PmWiki installation to power a website of local 
dynamical systems research group. So far I have been impressed by the
simplicity and the features of the software. However, I am trying to do
little bit more complicated task now.

I am trying to create a conference registration form for the meeting we
are organizing in Spring of 2012. I looked the cookbook and I added ZAP
Form Processor to my basic installation (I also noticed Fox). I can
easily create a ZAP form which will collect the data I need but I would
like to store that data in a plain text file or CSV file (I would like
to avoid MySQL) as well as send a conformation e-mail to the newly 
registered participant as well as e-mail notification to myself. 

Could somebody kindly share a snippet of code which will accomplish
above. I looked the snippets on the Caveman's website but I am still
confused about storing the data. In particular, I want datafile just to
be appended when the new participant is registered. 

Most Kind Regards,
Predrag Punosevac

P.S. Do people have any experience in creating password protected file
web menager (along the lines of Mollify) which does require MySQL.

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