[pmwiki-users] Password protection not working

Sun, Yue Yue.Sun at vaughan.ca
Thu Nov 10 10:13:14 CST 2011


We have a pmwiki site (version 2.2.0) that has been up for a few years. Recently we upgraded to RedHat 5 and PHP 5.3.7, after that the password protection is not working any more. To help figure out the problem, I've set up a new pmwiki 2.2.34, and use the simple config file with

$DefaultPasswords['edit'] = crypt('operations');


$EnableDiag = 1;

but still the Edit is open to everyone and never got a password prompt. When I changed $DefaultPasswords['edit'] ='@lock'<mailto:='@lock'> and the password was prompted. I notice there are some discussions about the new crypt() in php 5.3 and doubt if it's related to the issue I am having. Here is the test pmwiki I set up http://newsletter.vaughanpl.info/pmwiki/pmwiki.php. Can someone provide a help? Do I have to downgrade to php 5.2?

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated!!


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