[pmwiki-users] URL split and merge

Tamara Temple tamouse.lists at tamaratemple.com
Sat Nov 26 13:38:03 CST 2011

123_dirk <123_dirk at web.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> i build a Wiki with the internal name system:
> Group.MainLast,Child

Is this the pattern for all the pages in your wiki? If not, things will
get a bit complicated.

> I manage this in my local System.
> But now i will go online.
> I will use  cleanURL and the page should called like this:
> www.Test.com/group/main/last/child.html
> How can i change this URL back to the internal  System
> "Group.MainLast,Child"  ?

This can be difficult to do with just HTTP rewriting, I think. Although
it is a pretty flexible system, I don't know that it can handle this.

At first blush, I'd suggest a wrapper program, such index.php, to take
the pathinfo and reconstruct the proper path to pmwiki, and then handing
it off with a redirect to pmwiki.php.

This should be able to handle anything external. But how you will get
pmwiki to rewrite internal links as you wish is beyond me.

I have to ask, what are your reasons for doing this?

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