[pmwiki-users] permissions / owners

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Wed Oct 5 02:13:19 CDT 2011

after a year of fighting, i don't know what to do with my host.
permissions/owners have never been a problem until about 8 months ago. i have basically no access to any directory with owner of 99, which is the default that pmwiki writes to. nor can i change the permissions for any dirs with owner 99. this didn't use to be the case. and now, over the weekend i'm completely unable to edit any pages in a directory with owner of 99, which is most of my wikis. (the handful of dirs owned by me seem to work fine).

the host (hostgo) is clueless, and never admits that they've done something wrong, nor do they seem to keep logs (or admit to logs) that show what they changed. one day i was able to edit my wiki, the next i wasn't. they seem to only suggest that this is how the server works, and that they'll manually change dirs with an owner of 99 to my own - but 1) i've hundreds of dirs over several sites, and 2) pmwiki will continue to create dirs and files with an owner of 99.

does anybody have any clue as to what i could tell the admins there what they've done wrong? i want desperately to migrate to another host, but i haven't the time for probably another 6 months.

thanks for the advice.

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