[pmwiki-users] Annotated checklist - flipbox vs fox

Vince Administration vadmin at math.uconn.edu
Fri Oct 7 11:00:57 CDT 2011

When I looked at the Fox ToDoList recipe, it was not clear how it should be implemented for a list with multiple items.  Then I found Flipbox, and it is close to what I need.
But it would be useful to have the box, when checked, add the authors name.  So for example 

 [ ]  starts,, but is replaced by a green (or whatever) check mark, and then the authors name.   I can start of course with a button, or a link, just something to put inline the name of the checker.

Is there a relatively simple way for fox to do this?  My lists are long, so it would be very useful to have the same markup on each line, as Flipbox does.

Thanks for your help.


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