[pmwiki-users] Problem with trashing deleted files from a folder

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Fri Oct 21 04:41:56 CDT 2011

> Interesting that you ended up with so much spam.

:-) No Dave, please do not think bad!
I know my English is limited and rough and can't often express
thoughts with the proper touch.
Also, by re-reading my last sentence, I now understand it echoed some
of the many commands ("kill" a process) I'm trying (without success)
to learn for my Linux shell.

I really like BlogIt, and you know it well.
Particularly, I personally love the way you built comments handling
(which is the key matter, here).

You might even recall, Dave, that long ago, although being far from a
computer expert myself, I tried to put up an experimental way (and a
dedicated page for your tests) to further enhance BlogIt and allow
approving/deleting/editing comments by mail. Very primitive, but
working, I guess.

Back to the issue, being technically ignorant, I feel I am on a free
flying hot air balloon now: my website /Comments/ folder is full up
and filling more and more.
And I cannot take control. I fear it reaches some limit and creates
bigger problems to the whole website. So, just like on an hot balloon
loosing too much lift, one is ready to throw away some ballast, and
the more you are desperate, the more you are ready to throw away even
precious things just as they were simple ballast, I am now considering
extreme solutions.
Just that :-)
[Also, as a side comment: I'm under personal, private pressures these
times, more prone to lose control. Sorry]

Your question about the captcha system is right: I never succeeded in
letting captcha work.
That is: when I enable it (also without BlogIt) it does work, but then
I cannot edit unless I enter with the admin password.
Never happened to understand why.
Of course you are right: I should probably stop coming comments for a
while (whatever the way), solve the captcha problem, and then go back
to quite life.
But this should be a different thread.

Please be assured Dave: I did not mean to "spam" :-)
Just sort of desperate thoughts.

By the way, I noticed that I often get much more interesting
contributions by people writing me by mail, as opposed to plain,
direct comments.
It has perhaps to do with the greater involvement an email requires
when compared with a simple commenting system.
So, in some way, the idea of inviting people to write an mail when
they have something to say, shouldn't maybe be abandoned.
Just a way to cut out spam and "noise" (uninteresting comments).
But this, also, is another topic :-)

> About strategy, did you try to download all the folder ?

I tried already, but "directory listing" timed out.
Yes, Gilles and Eric, I will try wget and httrack now.
There is much to learn.

Thank you to you all, really.


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