[pmwiki-users] How to tag pages like categories, then do pagelist of everything tagged with a given page (without using links)

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Wed Aug 1 11:10:19 CDT 2012

Aren't Categories what you need?


You can have tags or categories [[!Liver]], [[!Cancer]] in your pages; they  
link to pages in the Category/ group. You can change this group to Tags/  
if you want.

You can see how the pages in the Cookbook are organized with Categories.

Your backlinks at the bottom of every page are exactly backlinks, and the  
links to the Category/ pages are categories.

But again, there is no easy way to link to a page without having a pagelist  
show that page. Some people use a PageVariable like this: 

  [[{Group.Page$PageUrl}|text]] or [[{OtherGroup.OtherPage$PageUrl}|text]]

This link will not appear as a backlink, but unfortunately it is much more  
difficult to type.

There are also a number of implementations for links/tags in the Cookbook,  
you may wish to browse it:



Alex Eftimiades writes:
> In short, yes, I believe that would be the sort of thing I am interested in.  
> However having them appear on the page is somewhat desirable for me. The  
> important thing is being able to specify which links show up in a pagelist  
> link=... and which do not. In my system, every page is considered a category.  
> I place a link to page B at the top of page A and a link to page A  
> automatically shows up at the bottom of page B. This system works great for  
> determining related texts, but it is limiting in that links are now used  
> solely for tagging pages. I cannot add a link to another page without tagging  
> it as a category. It would be nice to be able to chose to have a list of  
> links act as categorical tags and the rest act as normal links.
>>   This generally works great. I am worried I may at some point want to  
>>   include links in the text without having them treated like tags. I would  
>>   also like to have these tags displayed in the edit form in a separate  
>>   block of text. All of this is not critical at the moment, but I worry  
>>   that my current system is limiting. Furthermore, I would rather spend a  
>>   day fixing a couple hundred pages than spend a week fixing a couple  
>>   thousand pages sometime in the future.
>>   One method I thought of was to have all the links that are to be treated  
>>   as tags in the page's header and having a separate text block in the edit  
>>   form for that. 
>>   If anyone knows how to do that or something that would work equally well,  
>>   please let me know.

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