[pmwiki-users] Nginx?

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Jan 26 00:19:54 CST 2012

On Monday 16 January 2012 16:44:58, John Bowling wrote :
> Has anyone tried Nginx yet? By default on openSUSE, using Yast, it does
> not have PHP available.

Sorry for the late answer, I've been very busy December and January and this 
will continue at least another couple of weeks.

Yes, I have used PmWiki with NginX on 2 Gentoo servers in 2007-2009. This is a 
great software, at the time it wasn't as popular as it is now. IIRC I had to 
compile my own installation of PHP-FastCGI with a custom/patched PHP core. I'm 
sure it should be easier and simpler now.


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