[pmwiki-users] flash player

jdd-gmane jdd at dodin.org
Thu Mar 8 05:14:37 CST 2012


I try to use a flash player on a new web site on a farm.

I could make youtube cookbook work on a previous one of the same farm:


I have in the Claire's local/config.php:


If I set youtube.php in the farm one, I get a blank page for Claire 
(nothing displayed) - if I have youtube.php in the claire's cookbook 
it works. I can live with the present config

but I can't make any cookbook work for my new wiki:


even with the same config

I tryed youtube or swf-site

"flv" do not blank the page but do not work


using youtube is easy, but I can manage uploads to my own site (I'm 
the owner of the server)

any hint? the new one is in french when to Claire's is in english, is 
that the problem?


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