[pmwiki-users] Using WikiTrails and PageList to Compile Pages

Jasyn Jones jasynj at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 01:18:58 CDT 2012

I've got a WikiTrail of pages, the core of which is Cosms.Orrorsh-TrailIndex .

I use this as a general Table of Contents—via (:include :) inside an rframe—and at the bottom of each individual page (standard PmWiki markup) for an easy way to navigate the collection of pages. 

Both work beautifully. I can add and delete pages from the -TrailIndex, and everything updates as it should.

I also have a separate page I want to use as a "Compilation." I used the PageList function, as so:

(:pagelist trail=Cosms.Orrorsh-TrailIndex fmt=#include:)

This, indeed takes all the pages from the TrailIndex and compiles their content into one page:


Two problems:

1. I would like to insert the title—set via (:title :) on each separate page—as a header, right before the content from that page.

I gather, from the documentation, this involves a custom PageListTemplate, but I cannot figure out (based on the examples) where to create that page, what it should be named, or what the markup should be.

2. When I compile all the pages, it includes the TrailIndex links with each page. I would like to suppress those, if possible. 

Again, I gather this could be implemented in a custom PageListTemplate, but I can't figure out the markup.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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