[pmwiki-users] Pagelists not catching all pages

Elysian Fields elysiafields at gmail.com
Wed May 30 08:52:09 CDT 2012

Hello there!

I run a game wiki that hosts all of our game's setting and lore pages. 
There are a *lot* of pages, so pagelist functionality is vital for 
navigation, but suddenly links to pages we know exist are missing. Some 
pages are listed just fine with the exact same tags and groups involved, 
while others have disappeared from certain pagelists and not others. 
We've tried a several ways of doing things differently to get around the 
problem, but cross-referencing has become a major issue and it's only 
getting worse.

I've tried swapping out our config file for the default to see if one of 
the recipes we use was borking things up, but it didn't make a 
difference. From what we can tell, group= name= and fmt= are causing the 
problems (fmt=#titlespaced works fine without the others but 
fmt=#titlesummary doesn't). For instance, our categories list, using 
(:pagelist group=Category:), is losing more than half of the categories 
we've created.

I'm just really poking around in the dark here and trying not to make 
things worse, but the loss of pagelist functionality is a major issue 
for site navigation. I'd really rather not have to manually link 
everything because we add new stuff frequently and the updating alone 
would be a nightmare.

Thanks in advance for your help,
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