[pmwiki-users] Response to Peter Bowers

John prinoer at aol.com
Thu Oct 4 09:21:00 CDT 2012

Hello, Peter;
I don't have time to do that; however, I would encourage users of PmWiki, Wordpress, and other cgi programs to experiment with the technique I have developed should they have access to Apache on their servers.
I did write a hypothetical reason why it seems to work so well on the iPage server, and the gist is that iPage has newer equipment, with a greater percentage of components (soft and hard) operated continuistically, or without resorting to binary logic. 
These are the so-called "environments" that computers are more and more operating in. With advanced caching software in place, it is more and more difficult to say where page-calls are initiated in these server environments.
I have posted  Peko's crit on the Page Loading Speed page and below it the above-mentioned explanation and response.

prinoer at aol.com

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