[pmwiki-users] Update to Fox form processor

Hans Bracker design at softflow.co.uk
Tue Oct 16 11:59:51 CDT 2012

I haven't updated Fox for a while, but I had a request on
how to post PTVs to a new page, and giving them values from
another page, which is determined only when the form is submitted
via a form field.

I added two new kinds of replacement variables for use on Fox
templates, one for evaluating page variables, and one for evaluating
page text variables, when the form is submitted.

They use similar syntax than the template variables for PmWiki
pagelists, i.e. {PageName=$var} and {PageName=$:var} for PVs and for
PTVs, or the same without PageName component. Replacement variables
for submitted field values could be used within these, for instance

See also documentation:
and for fox.php download:


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