[pmwiki-users] Invalid Page name when editing Site.SideBar

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Sat Oct 27 15:03:15 CDT 2012

I added a debug line suggested by another user to show some page 
variables. That might help someone who knows the guts. I can add another 
line if that would help. (I don't write PHP, but can recognize a bit 
from other languages.)

New group sidebar page is now:

(the problem applies to both sandy.onebit.ca and cricket.onebit.ca -- 
it's a farm.)


The custom edit form was disabled three seconds ago and the problem is 
still there.


I was able to create the new group sidebar and save it, so editing 
works. The Preview doesn't.


Another installation with the same hosting company, but probably a 
different server, isn't affected. It previews changes fine.

I can understand some of CPanel. Is there anything I should look at?


And now for the dreaded recipe check stage. I don't remember adding any 
recipes since the last successful edit, however:

 From SiteAnalyzer:
Recipe	local	pmwiki.org
Cookbook:Captcha	2008-07-13	2008-07-13
Cookbook:CommentBoxPlus	2006-12-15 sandy	2011-12-03
Cookbook:ConditionalExtensions	20061028	20061028
Cookbook:DeObMail	20090824	20120717
Cookbook:IncludeUpload	20080105	20080105
Cookbook:PmForm	2007-06-12	20120901
Cookbook:WikiStylesPlus	2007-05-23	2007-05-23
Cookbook:emailform?	2006-12-15	
PmWiki:SiteAnalyzer	2007-02-16	2007-02-16
PmWiki:Upgrades	pmwiki-2.2.42	pmwiki-2.2.44

That list doesn't have several that are in my cookbook folder.

Now to search the php files. I'll search for the word "post" in each 
file and report anything suspicious.

cricket/cookbook : empty folder
cricket/local/config.php : only "post" is with MailPosts .
pmwiki/local/config.php: very short file
pmwiki/local/farmconfig.php: nothing suspicious -- all to do with 
mailing or posts
pmwiki/pub/guiedit: a .js file
pmwiki/local/cookbook: -- full folder!

autorestore.php -- "restore" isn't in farmconfig.php.

tabtable.php -- 2007/08/15 -- commented out the activation in 
farmconfig.php and it's not the problem.

marklets.php -- "marklet" isn't in farmconfig.php

pmform.php -- has "$_POST" in several places. Is the 2007-06-12 version. 
Is it worth upgrading? I'd probably delete it. Only spammers use the 
form and my email is on the site.

commentboxplus.php -- based on 2006 version, with note "changed layout 
and prompts to match the rest of my site. Sandy" I wouldn't have stuck 
to html and CSS and not touched the php. Like the above, only spammers 
are using the comment box.


Any ideas?

Thanks again,


On 10/26/2012 3:37 PM, Petko Yotov wrote:
> This is not an easy one. As you have enabled diagnostics, I looked and I
> don't see anything obvious that should go wrong.
> The message you see only appears if the requested page name, after
> normalization, doesn't match the regular expression for $GroupPattern
> and $NamePattern. But yours appear the default ones, you haven't changed
> them so it should work. It doesn't.
> Can you edit and save another Group.SideBar page?
> Do you have a custom edit form? Some skins come with an edit form
> different from the default one.
> If editing works but previewing and saving doesn't, then PmWiki has
> trouble with the $_POST variables. Do you have in your config.php some
> lines or including a recipe containing or manipulating the $_POST array?
> A similar problem might also come from some incorrect setting of the
> Rewrite rules of Apache.
> Petko
> Sandy writes:
>> Clarifying:
>> Editing works fine.
>> Saving or previewing doesn't work.
>> On 10/25/2012 9:18 PM, Sandy wrote:
>>> When I try to edit Site.SideBar, it tells me:
>>> PmWiki can't process your request
>>> ?invalid page name
>>> We are sorry for any inconvenience.
>>> Return to http://www.sandy.onebit.ca
>>> I'm running pmwiki-2.2.42 .
>>> I haven't touched the SideBar in years. I edited several other pages
>>> tonight with no problem.

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