[pmwiki-users] Html5 in PMWIKI

Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda leo at alaxarxa.net
Fri Sep 7 08:11:08 CDT 2012

A Divendres 07 Setembre 2012, Petko Yotov va escriure:
> Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda writes:
> > The main complain is about the use of a table to group the sidebar and the
> > content. As this is an important amount of work, do you think that it 
> > be an interesting project?
> The table containing the sidebar and the content is part of the skin. You  
> can select a different skin which doesn't use a table to position zones (one  
> or two of the skins in the cookbook are actually visual copies of the  
> default skin, but no tables), or you can create a new skin.


I think that I understand it (I'm not the web expert ...) so you are pointing 
that to use html5 is better to create a new skin, no?

> Thanks,
> Petko
> P.S. In the message I received I only see the "leo at alaxarxa dot net"  
> address, if the other person didn't get it, please forward the message.

I sent the email to pmwiki-users, pmwiki-devel and to my comrade and the 
mailman rejects it. That's the reason why I try to sent it _only_ to the list 
where I'm subscribed.

Best regards,


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