[pmwiki-users] Centering a pagelist

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Sep 9 06:25:30 CDT 2012

Simon writes:
> >>center<<
> (:pagelist group=Photos  
> fmt=#randomimage name=-HomePage,-Template*,-RandomImage,-Test*,-Recent*  
> list=normal count=7 px=96 align=center:)
> >><<
> But I can't get it to center.

You have a customization which places the thumbnail inside a "thumbdiv"  
element, and in your local.css file, you have set this thumbdiv element to  
float:left. So regardless of your centered div above, it will always be left- 

Try to remove the custom thumbdiv element for this page and see if it works.  
Note that I have added to your pagelist the parameter wrap=none, because it  
otherwise inserts an additional div element around the output and if it is  
not defined as centered in your Group.Page.css, the inside will again be  


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