[pmwiki-users] Not able to view "Attached:" files with new directory structure

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Wed Sep 19 19:36:56 CDT 2012

The problem with this installation was a custom setting of $PubDirUrl which  
prevented PmWiki to guess the $UploadUrlFmt location. Setting in config.php  
that variable $UploadUrlFmt to its correct location fixed the issue.


Petko Yotov writes:
> David Sovinski writes:
>> But I changed the directory structure for the new site. Previously I had  
>> "wiki" as the base directory and farm1 and farm2 as subdirs of  
>> "wiki"  (wiki/farm1 and wiki/farm2). Now I have "wiki", farm1, and farm2 all  
>> at the same directory level. So I now access the farms as  
>> www.MyDomain.com/farm1 instead of www.MyDomain.com/wiki/farm1
>> Everything seems to work as before BUT the display of jpg's
>> If I Upload a file to farm1 it is placed in  
>> farm1/uploads/GrpName/FileName.jpg as I expect but it will not display. It  
>> must see the jpg in farm1/uploads/GrpName/FileName.jpg as it does not ask me  
>> to upload the file again.
> What happens if you try to open the uploaded jpg file directly in your  
> browser?
>   www.MyDomain.com/farm1/uploads/GrpName/FileName.jpg ?
>   www.MyDomain.com/farm1/uploads/GrpName/ ?
>   www.MyDomain.com/farm1/uploads/ ?
>   www.MyDomain.com/farm1/ ?
> If you get a message "Access forbidden", it is possible that this is related  
> to the filesystem permissions of the farm1/uploads directory. You should  
> read the documentation of your server and allow the server process to read  
> and scan the files in that directory, including all files and subdirectories.
> Otherwise, this could be caused by some configuration of the server. If you  
> have a "hidden" .htaccess file in that directory, and your server is apache,  
> you should see if this file doesn't forbid the access to this directory.
> Petko

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