[pmwiki-users] Page variables in monospaced text

Allister Jenks zkarj at me.com
Sun Sep 23 20:38:26 CDT 2012

OK, my last request got such a great response, here goes again.

I use [@ @] markup quite a lot to represent anything a user will see on the (server) screen or need to type on the screen (in addition to the full 80x25 I described last time).

I want to keep the basic behaviour of generating the <pre> block (and the consequent monospaced style I have developed for that) but allow for Page Variables to be evaluated.

My use case is a process for building a software release package, where the release number is integral in many of the steps.

I used to use lines like:

  Name the package RELxxxA where xxx is the compact release number. E.g. for release 4.23 use '423'.

Now, at the top of my page I have

  (:rel: 423 :)
  (:fullrel: 4.23 :)

Then below in the text, the previous line is now this:

  Name the package REL{$:rel}A.

This is great for those following the process as they can simply update the page variables once before starting and then can copy and paste all of the commands with the correct release represented.

However, when it comes to [@ @] blocks, the variables are not evaluated and I just get the raw {$:rel} output in the text.

Is there a way to turn on the variable substitution inside the [@ @] blocks?



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