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Carlos AB cabsec.pmwiki at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 19:55:35 CDT 2013

I didn't know that pagerank was made to get google away from using
keywords. I thought that maybe it could be still used with a really low
level of importance, but still holding some relevance.

What Lars said and after reading a couple of articles I now understand
fully that it is not as important as way back in google history.

Keyword stuffing was the name coined at the technique that used keywords in
a way it was not intended.

Well, now I know.

Thank you for your reply.



2013/3/13 Gio Wiederhold <gio at cs.stanford.edu>

> The whole idea of pagerank was to get away from keywords, which prior
> seaach engines depended on and which were widely faked.
> Read the paper on it.
> Counting words is too primitive - then larger files would be better ...
> Lars advice is wise, quality is preferable to noise.
> Gio
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