[pmwiki-users] galleria recipes crossbrowser issues

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Thu Oct 17 04:31:13 CDT 2013


I would like to implement the galleria recipe and I'm working on it  
for several weeks now.
Before searching further for errors my installation I just tested the  
demo applications for the recipes.

1)  http://wiki.solidgone.org/Galleria/Demo1
2)  http://unphotographed.com/Gallery/Abstract

they worked (Okt 17, 2013) with msie 7/8 but not with win7 ietester for ie9.
I hadn't the chance to test with msie 10, als also the webservices for  
testing are not always working (browsershots.org has to many requests  
as free service).

you can see and put the test results here:
I would really appreciate, if somebody would make a test with the  
offical demo pages 1) 2) (above), particularly with msie 10.

many thanks for any help, as galleria (also with msie) would be a very  
nice feature for pmwiki.  (not to mention that the plugin works with  
virtually any other browser).
Are there good alternatives for pmwiki without "Galleria"?

Patrick Ogay

when searching in the web, many people particularly using plugins had  
problems with galleria and msie. One problem can be, that generated  
html may be to late avalable to the scripts.
There are differences in result, when using different templates,  
probably style sheet conflicts.

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