[pmwiki-users] %rframe% being ignored

Peter Payzant pce at accesswave.ca
Thu Oct 31 17:51:38 CDT 2013

In trying to add a right-floated image to a page, I'm using the %rframe% 
markup, and it's being completely ignored. The PMWiki source is

%rframe width=350px%
Attach:2013_board.jpg |'''The 2013-2014 Board''' %%

... and the resulting HML is

<div><img  src='http://xxx/wiki/uploads/Board/2013_board.jpg  <view-source:http://vdgsa.org/wiki/uploads/Board/2013_board.jpg>'alt=''title=''/><br  /><strong>The 2013-2014 Board</strong>  </div>

No frame, no float, no class. If I change "rframe" to "zzzframe" it's 
just the same, so I suspect that the rframe is not being honored at all. 
Any thoughts?

Peter P

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