[pmwiki-users] attachtable for PHP 5.5 ?

Hans Bracker design at softflow.co.uk
Tue Dec 9 18:54:19 CST 2014

thank  you  so  much,  Petko, for the detailed tuition in use of those
helper functions!

I got it working, and uploaded to pmwiki.org

This is the rewritten section:

foreach( $ls as $pn ) {
        $pg = RetrieveAuthPage( $pn, 'read', FALSE, READPAGE_CURRENT );
        if ($pg) {
                $txt = PHSC( $pg['text'], ENT_NOQUOTES );
                ## preserved text
                $txt = preg_replace("/(\n[^\\S\n]*)?\\[([=@])(.*?)\\2\\]/s", " ", $txt);
                ## links to attachments  
                $txt = PPRA(    array('/\[\[[^\]]*?\bAttach:([^"\]\|]*)/'  
                                        => PCCF("return '[['.AttachtableCountUploadLinks('$pn','',\$m[1]);")), $txt); 
                ## raw attachments                               
                $txt = PPRA(    array("/\\bAttach:([^\\s$UrlExcludeChars]*[^\\s.,?!$UrlExcludeChars])/"         
                                        => PCCF("return AttachtableCountUploadLinks('$pn','',\$m[1]);")), $txt);                                

There was a note in the function:
## FIXME: these really ought to be cached
Without  caching  whenever  action=upload  the  references are getting
pulled  out of all the pages, which means usually all the pages of the
wiki group, and each page is opened and read and the text processed.
But I would not know how to do the caching.
And sofar I have not found it greatly detrimental without caching.
Mostly  a  user  wants  to upload a file, and the Attach Table list is

Best regards,
mailto:design at softflow.co.uk

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