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Wed Feb 5 13:05:27 CST 2014

To your point: I've been using PmWiki over 10 years and using it for many clients since I started my business...  I haven't had a request I couldn't handle in PmWiki.  Sometimes I had to write the plug-ins to do it, but PmWiki's strong point is a friendly development community, a single-point-of-contact for the main developer (used to be PM, now it's Petko) to ask the really hard questions, and its backward-compatibility.  With such a SMALL code-base, it's easier to look at the source code if you must, with things like SDVs it's easy to replace code and defaults instead of inserting your own custom code into the basic package.

I don't know the WordPress API, but if it's as bloated as the package is then it would be hard to use.  I don't think there's one person who wrote the majority of the code and understands it all.  My nightmare experience in customization was with OSCommerce and ZenCart: the plug-ins had you actually change the base package files you couldn't safely upgrade your software.  So I forgot to mention that a strength of PmWiki is upgradability.  Nearly everyone's recipe still works whether it was written 5 years ago or written last week.  That's a long time!  Right now, due to a change in PHP, we have the first time in a decade (I think) where we have to go through the entire recipe archive and identify recipes in need of updates.  That's a LOOOONG time.

It's nice to know that something you contribute will last.  And when you upgrade your wiki software, your recipes are quite likely going to "just continue working" without the need to change anything.

PmWiki is more a multitool than a hammer, and given the basic PmWiki philosophy, sometimes it's better to hack the multitool to take care of the job in question because the results are (for the software world!) nearly permanent.  Since "there is no spoon"* perhaps the spoon might be a nail after all...  Any website you want to create that can be done with WordPress can be done with PmWiki.  And technically, vice versa.  But which is the easier path?  I'd say, with no data to back it up because after my experiences with "themes" for WordPress I have no desire to attempt to look at the API/code base, the easier path is hacking PmWiki than WordPress.


*Matrix or quantum physics reference -- who cares.

On Feb 4, 2014, at 11:56 PM, tamouse pontiki wrote:

> Gosh, I'd have a hard time of this. I dislike wordpress so much, and
> love pmwiki so much. I'm sure I'd give them the wrong answers. :)

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