[pmwiki-users] categories, how to translate category name for display

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Mon Feb 10 08:10:45 CST 2014

thanks for the hint with action=browse, it can replace a solution with  

Playing a bit arround the following solution seems to assign the tag and link!
The tagname is always the same, while the link translates it.

[[Category.!Small?action=browse|$[Small]]] *)

thanks a lot
Patrick Ogay

seems to work adapted to 100071,72)

Zitat von Randy Brown <randy at brownragfilms.com>:

> Try this: [[Category.$[Small]?action=browse|$[Small]]]
>> [[!Small| $[Small] ]] is syntactically o.k.
>> but unfortunatly it resolves in
>> Gross? which generates an Category/Gross?action=edit

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