[pmwiki-users] toggle.php and HTMLFooterFmt question

michael paulukonis xraysmalevich at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 21:57:43 CDT 2014

"It must have been a virus?"

I can say I'm not sure what happened, because I'm not -- but I had to have
somehow edited that file.
The weird thing is, I had no reason to even go into the code and look at it
until I had the problem with only the last toggle on the page functioning.


It's perfectly fine in one of my recent installs, screwed up in the other.

Sorry for the trouble.

-Michael Paulukonis
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On Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 9:12 PM, Hans Bracker <design at softflow.co.uk> wrote:

> Hello Michael,
> Tuesday, July 1, 2014, 5:18:10 PM, you wrote:
> > In the toggle.php recipe of 2014-02-21, we see the following:
> > $HTMLFooterFmt['toggle'] = "<script
> type=\"text/javascript\">document.getElementById(\"{$id}\").style.display =
> '{$style}';</script>";
> > This should create a simple string that is places into the HTMLFooterFmt
> hash with the index of "toggle."
> > How on earth is toggle supposed to function if there is more than one
> toggle present on the page?
> sorry, but toggle.php version 2014-02-21 as on pmwiki.org does not
> contain the code line you quoted!
> Instead it contains the line (as did previous versions):
>    $HTMLFooterFmt[] = "<script
> type=\"text/javascript\">document.getElementById(\"{$id}\").style.display =
> '{$style}';</script>";
> So  it  is working just fine, because multiple instances each with the
> correct id of each toggle object are created in the HTML footer (exactly
> what Chrisses
> mentioned).  The main java script is injected into the HTML foter just
> once, which is also fine.
> So  I  do  not  understand why you have an issue with toggle.php. Am I
> missing something?
> cheers,
>  Hans
> mailto:design at softflow.co.uk
> www.softflow.co.uk
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