[pmwiki-users] PmForm RSVP Form - Radio button issue

Criss Ittermann crisses at kinhost.org
Tue Jul 8 10:58:35 CDT 2014


I've tried several ways to get the radio button (for "Yes" or "I'll be there.") selected automatically in the RSVP form I posted on PmForm.

I tried selected, selected=selected, selected=1.  I also tried using an input default.  i'm not seeing the "selected" option being sent to the HTML.

Not vital, but would be one less annoyance for the user of the form to have "yes" preselected.

(:input pmform target=rsvp :)
(:input default request=1:)
(:input default anchor="I'll be there.":)
(:input default author "{$Author}" :)
'''Please RSVP for the event:'''
%comment% $[Subject]:      (:input text Subject size=30:)
Name: (:input text author:)
||(:input radio anchor selected=selected "I'll be there." :) Yes ||(:input radio anchor "I can't make it.":) No ||(:input radio anchor "I might be there.":) Maybe ||
(:input submit post "Submit":)
(:input end:)

[[#rsvppost]](:template defaults where=bottom :)(:template require author errmsg="$[Missing name]":)(:template require author match="-*:*,-*@*,-*<*,-*>*" errmsg="Please just enter your name.":)(:template require Subject match="" errmsg="$[Please leave the subject field blank]" :)*"{$$anchor}" ~{$$author}


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