[pmwiki-users] Images in included pages

Peter Schwegler peterschwegler at quicknet.nl
Sat Jul 12 05:11:22 CDT 2014

Hello everyone

I have a question about the use of images.

I have a page, with an attached image. When I view this page directly 
the image is shown correctly. When I include this page in another page 
(also in another group) all I see is "Attach:imagename" with the upload 

original page: group A.page A
this page is included in group B.page B

What do I need to change to see the image also in page B?
Is this perhaps a bug?

I save my uploads in a directory per page ($UploadPrefixFmt='/$Group/$Name)
pmwiki version 2.2.66 on Opensuse Linux with Apache (all updates for 
Opensuse applied)


Peter Schwegler

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