[pmwiki-users] attach image.JPG (uppercase suffixes)

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Wed Jul 23 02:31:20 CDT 2014

lists at basel-inside.ch writes:
> According to my tests pictures are not included when the suffix is  
> uppercase, even if it is specified correctly in the attach as
> Attach:Picture.JPG
> Also
> Mini:Kunst./*
> doesn't select pictures with a suffix, which is uppercase.

Correct, this is known and should be well documented, both in the PmWiki  
documentation about uploaded files, and in the Mini gallery documentation.  
If the documentation is not clear enough, feel free to improve it.

> If there are not technical reasons, to not allow uppercase, I was wondering,  
> whether there is a easy way to change this behavior und allow uppercase  
> suffixes.

The documentation of the Mini recipe contains a section about fixing this  
exact case (since 2009):



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