[pmwiki-users] Fix blogit for use with PHP 5.5

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Thu Oct 23 17:51:59 CDT 2014

On 10/23/2014 3:24 PM, Tiger!P wrote:
> The original code line is (line 239):
> Markup('blogit', 'fulltext', '/\(:blogit (list|cleantext)\s?(.*?):\)(.*?)\(:blogitend:\)/esi',
>   "blogitMU_$1(PSS('$2'), PSS('$3'))");
> I replaced it with the following:
> Markup_e('blogit', 'fulltext', '/\(:blogit (list|cleantext)\s?(.*?):\)(.*?)\(:blogitend:\)/si',
>            "blogitMU_\$m[1](PSS(\$m[2]), PSS(\$m[3]))");
> But this results in the following message in apache's error.log:
> PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected '$m' (T_VARIABLE) in
> /home/tigerp/www/pmwiki-2.2.62/pmwiki.php(458) : runtime-created
> function on line 1
I have not yet looked into updating blogit to work with php5.5, but 
purely based on reading ref [1], and purely based on syntax, you may 
need to simply quote the $m parameters in the $replace part of the markup:

Markup_e('blogit', 'fulltext', '/\(:blogit 
           "blogitMU_\$m[1](PSS('\$m[2]'), PSS('\$m[3]'))");

Let me know how that works. If you could send me the changes you made, 
I'll update BlogIt.

  ~ ~ David

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