[pmwiki-users] Strange error with numerical pages

Daniel dkml at xs4all.nl
Mon Feb 23 12:44:45 CST 2015

I just noticed that some pages in my pmwiki install report a strange error.

"Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '.2015' (T_DNUMBER) in
/home/kropveld/domains/hetvondelpark.net/public_html/pmwiki.php(456) :
runtime-created function on line 1"

It seems that only pages with a numerical name (no letters) produce this

On my local testsite, with the same version (pmwiki-2.2.68) and the same
page, I do not see the error.

Please have a look at: http://www.hetvondelpark.net/Category/2015

I also run the recipe Wiki Calendar (wikilog, last version), but
commenting it out in config.php brings no change.

My phpinfo is available at http://www.hetvondelpark.net/daniel.php

Thanks for any help,

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