[pmwiki-users] help with the ical export recipe please?

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Sat Jan 24 04:10:08 CST 2015

I don't use this recipe, but I'll give some generic ideas/hints. See below

On Sun, Jan 11, 2015 at 6:43 PM, erik burggraaf <burggraaferik at gmail.com>

> In config.php on the line above the include for my calendar I have the
> following include:
> include_once("$FarmD/cookbook/icalexport.php");
> I have uploaded the script to my cookbook directory.
> Before uploading the script to the cookbook directory, I edited the
> following lines of the script as follows.
> SDV($ICalCalendarGroup, 'Calendar');
> SDV($ICalCalendarTitle, 'NFB Nevada');
> SDV($ICalTimeZone, 'Europe/Berlin');
> SDV($ICalFileName, $ICalCalendarGroup);
> For reference, these are lines 89 to 92 of the script.
Normally the way to handle this is to use lines like this in config.php:

$ICalCalendarGroup = 'Calendar';
$ICalCalendarTitle = 'NFB Nevada';

The SDV() function stands for "Set Default Value" and so if there is
already a value in that variable (from your config.php) it will not be
changed. This is something used throughout pmwiki so worthwhile to get a
handle on.

> The script seems to be installed correctly.  I get no spurious errors, but
> I'm not seeing a reference to it anywhere and I have the following
> questions.
Most recipes in pmwiki don't show anything in your site until you edit a
page to put the appropriate markup or whatever. Not sure if that's the case
with this one or not.

> First,  how do I set the time zone?  I need gmt-8.  I see the line with
> the varyable but I don't know what argument  is expected.
> This is from the comments at the top of the script:


## $ICalTimeZone - the time zone the events belog to - default:"Europe/Berlin"


So you can see the format it is expecting and you can override it in your
config.php as described above. A *very* brief google of "timezone ical
tzid" reveals some helpful links and a possible indication that perhaps
there are some problems with standardization of timezone in ical. You'll
have to check that out. In any event, you will be using a city specifier
rather than something like "GMT-8" or etc.

> Second, I see from notes in the script that my ics file is ment to be
> stored in
> http://yourserver/index.php/uploads/Calendar/Calendar.ics
> Now I have two issues with this.  First, I don't really want a folder on
> my server called index.php.  I see that I can change the folder path using
> something called the $edit function, but I don't know enough about php at
> this point to attempt it.  Second, regardless of the folder used, I'll have
> to manually create it myself and make it writeable will I not?  The
> instructions say nothing about setting up the path to the ics file.
> This is not talking about a directory in this physical location, but
rather a possible description based on a particular configuration of
CleanUrls of where to find the uploads directory and specifically using
uploads by group and the group is "Calendar". You should carefully read and
understand these pages to get an idea of these concepts:


> Third, what triggers the script to generate the file?  I'm assuming it
> hasn't tried yet, since the path isn't available on the server and I
> haven't gotten an error from the script.  I dnow how to link to the file
> once it's generated, but how can I make sure the script is constantly
> updating and maintaining the file?
> Go look in the uploads directory (typically right off of the pmwiki
directory) and see what is there. I haven't read enough on this specific
recipe to even know what it's trying to do, but it sounds like it ends up
with a file in the uploads directory so I would look there. It may be that
you need to set up your uploads to be by-group before it will work, but
that's just a guess.

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