[pmwiki-users] Abort() replacemnet

Carlos AB cabsec.pmwiki at gmail.com
Sat Jan 24 12:53:41 CST 2015

Hi list,

I have been trying remove all 404 redirects inside PmWiki, as I get
lot's of 404 errors on google webmasters, also because I use a dirty
cheap webhosting service.

On the other hand,  CMSes try to avoid displaying http status error
pages, as they serve a very simple and not so useful purpose. I
believe PmWiki should give admins the chance to choose what is best
for their use of PmWiki, not only for error pages but also the way the
abort function works.

I believe we should give administrative audiences a chance to change
the Abort function behavior, to achieve new uses and possibilities,
also APD and runkit cannot be easily installed by all, giving easy
access to function renaming capabilities.

Perhaps a new SDV($AbortFunction, NewAbortFunctionName);  and make the
the abort function a stub that runs the function set by the SDV.

Even a new Set Default Function - SDF( Abort, NewAbortFunction), that
would have broad use with a simple syntax.

I would also ask if it is possible to keep redirecting status messages
inside the function as it is not done always in the same way along the
code and when changing it, you also have to change the main pmwiki

Could please advise?



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