[pmwiki-users] HG & ViewPDF problem

123_dirk at web.de 123_dirk at web.de
Thu Jan 29 09:29:31 CST 2015

>> when i started with PmWik (2009) i, i have made my Page with a self
>> made subpage system.
>> But every time i make a update, i have to merge my code into PmWiki.

>PmWiki was designed to avoid this kind of problems, almost everything is
>configurable so you should never have to modify core files and merge
>your changes on upgrade. If the function or hook or switch you can use
>to override the core PageStore class is underdocumented, we can help
>you, just ask.
And because my changes and the problems i always had, i have decided to use HG.

>> So i decided to switch to the HG markup
>> (http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/Hg).
>> I'm Using clean URL as well.
>> Every thing works perfectly, only the ViewPDF markup
>> (http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/ViewPDF[http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/ViewPDF]) is making trouble.
>> I always get Errors about that PmWiki can't proceed.
>> When i print the File path from inside the ViewPDF function i see
>> something like "www.test.com/PmWiki.php?uploads/Test/dummy.pdf[http://www.test.com/PmWiki.php?uploads/Test/dummy.pdf]".
>> This path is of course wrong it has to be
>> "www.test.com/uploads/Test/dummy.pdf[http://www.test.com/uploads/Test/dummy.pdf]".
>> But i don't know what i have to change.

>I never used or reviewed either one of these recipes.
>When you write [[Attach:dummy.pdf]] in the Test page, do you get a
>correct link allowing you to download the file with the browser? If not,
>the $UploadUrlFmt may be incorrectly set or detected. In this case, you
>can define the correct value in config.php:

>$UploadUrlFmt = "/uploads"; # or "http://www.test.com/uploads[http://www.test.com/uploads]"

>If the Attach: link works but the pdf link doesn't, it is possible that
>one of the recipes messes with it. I hope the maintainers of the recipe
>can help.

The Attach system is working.
Just the ViewPDF didn't work. 
I can set a Hard coded Path, but when i change my Location, i have to change always the Path.
The maintainer is Peter Bowers!
Can you Help me please.


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