[pmwiki-users] PageList vs WikiForm for multi-line variables

ABClf languefrancaise at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 15:25:51 CDT 2015

To my knowledge, this :ptv: is not multiline
(see http://pmichaud.com/pipermail/pmwiki-users/2006-September/033404.html)

It might be possible (not by me though) to rewrite the :ptv: regex to
get the result you are expecting (but, how to treat the last
occurence, when there is not anymore :ptv: ?)

2015-10-03 21:06 GMT+02:00 Thierry <pmwiki at lma.metelu.net>:
> Hi,
> i am using pmwiki to manage various things for a while now and, well,
> thanks a lot for this great tool!
> I encountered a problem that i was not able to fix by myself: i am using
> WikiForm to let the users create pages that define some page text
> variables automatically. In particular, one of the variables is named
> 'Abstract', and the corresponding entry in the FormTemplate is
> :Abstract:abstract (text=10*62)
> so that the user can enter a small multi-lines text, not a single line
> (and the ViewTemplate understands that well).
> In my PageList template, i want to list those pages according to some
> variables (e.g. "Date", "Room", ...) and also print the content of the
> "Abstract" variable, so i am using "{=$:Abstract}" in the
> PageListTemplates.
> The problem is that, PageList only prints the first line of the abstract,
> since, unlike WikiForm, it probably considers that only what is on the
> same line that "^:Abstract:" is the content of the "Abstract" variable,
> not the following lines.
> My question is: how to let PageList understand that the content of the
> "Abstract" field is all the lines that appear between ":Abstract:" and the
> definition of the next variable in the page ?
> Ciao,
> Thierry
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