[pmwiki-users] after update - unable to edit

Wolf Drechsel drechsel at verkehrsplanung.com
Tue Oct 20 14:30:03 CDT 2015

Hello, thanks for the quick reply.

I renamed the wiki.d dir into wiki.d-backup - then went to a browser 
and called my site http://mydomain.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.php (guess, this 
was meant by "run PmWiki").

But no wiki.d directory is created after that. Permissions of the 
pmwiki dir is 755.

What shall I do?


> Another (possibly simpler) approach to try is to rename "wiki.d" to 
> "wiki.d-backup", run PmWiki to let it create a new "wiki.d" 
> directory,
> then copy the files from wiki.d-backup into wiki.d .  (I suggest 
> doing
> a copy instead of a move so you still have the originals lying 
> around.)
> In most PHP environments, it's the permissions of the wiki.d 
> directory 
> itself that matters for updating, and not the permissions of the 
> files
> within the wiki.d directory.
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