[pmwiki-users] worse: Changes NOT saved. wiki replied: basetime=1506669300 ok

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Fri Sep 29 05:11:44 CDT 2017

On 2017-09-29 10:28, Walter Keller wrote:
> I installed Worse. Whenever I try to save from Worse Editor I got the 
> message
> 	Changes NOT saved. wiki replied: basetime=1506669300 ok
> and remained in the editor form.
> However, the change was saved on the server, which would only become
> visible, aber a cancel editor, followed by refresh.
> The reason was, that worse.js got a response "basetime=1506669300 ok\n"
> and the unexpected newline is not handled by the regular expression on 
> line 100.
> Is this a configuration problem in my Apache Server, or should the
> regEx be adapted?

Thanks for the report.

You may have some PHP recipe that has a closing "?>" marker, or 
something else. I'll adapt the regular expression for the next version 
to ignore any trailing spaces or newlines.

> (b) If you click in the WorseEditor on the link symbol, you get a list
> of pages. which is a nice feature.
> However, the title of the selected page is hardcoded into the link,
> instead of using the Syntax [[page | + ]].
> If you change the title afterwards, the link still displays the old 
> title.

I'm not sure how is best to implement it -- if you use a "what you see 
is what you get" editor and you type a literal title in a page, would 
you expect the software to change it to something else for some reason?

It is possible to add some markup for "current title of remote page", eg 
if your link text starts with "+" like "+Other page".

Or, it is possible for the editor to check if the link text and the 
remote title are exactly the same (case sensitive), then save "+" as a 
link text and on the next page read use the current remote title. 
(People may still be startled if they type a link text and it changes.)

> Furthermore, if you click on newPage you are instructed to enter the
> title of the new page, and not the pageName.
> I try always to carefully distinguish between the two
> * pageName should be short, systematic and longterm
> * title may be longer, appealing for readers, and therefore may change
> Could the newpage function be more helpful here?

The prompt box does accept a page "name", if you type one. If you type 
something with spaces or other special characters (including dot or 
slash) the link will point to a "normalized" page "name" in the same 
group (capitalized, spaces removed) and the link text will be whatever 
you typed (you can change it in the editor).

Again, this was intended for novice/occasional non-expert users who may 
not know or who forget the difference between a page name and a page 

If you have a better idea for how to change the prompt text to something 
more informative, we can change it.


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