[pmwiki-users] Clean URLS Vs Search

Admin admin at f86m.com
Mon Sep 10 02:30:29 PDT 2018

Hi PMwiki Users,

I'm currently experiencing an issue with Clean-URLs and the Search 
While A-Z/0-9 is working fine, any use of a " character is replaced with 
(similar effects for other special characters)

Today I've updated to the latest PMwiki version and done some testing to
confirm that this issue only exists when I have cleanURLs set in 
Tested by removing the chunk from the config file, and looking for 
oddities in .htaccess

If I manually change or enter in a URL into the browser, it searches 
correctly with the " character

Anything obvious I'm missing?
I currently don't have any cookbook/addons installed beyond the base 

-thanks in advance.


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