[pmwiki-users] highlight.js version?

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Nov 21 13:42:43 PST 2019

On 21/11/2019 22:22, Robert Riebisch wrote:
> is there any reason for using version 9.15.10 with PmWiki?
> https://highlightjs.org/ notes 9.16.2 as the latest version.

No, you should be able to use the latest version. When I wrote it, and 
wrote the documentation, the latest version was 9.15.10.

BTW the CDN I documented still serves 9.15.10 today, not a more recent 

> At https://highlightjs.org/download/ there also is a different CDN.

Again, at the time, there were 2 CDNs at that page, I used the first 



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