[pmwiki-users] Passing blocks of markup to an include

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Tue Jun 22 01:54:33 PDT 2021

We have built-in PageTextVariables, see documentation:


In your page:

   (:include Template.MyTemplate param1="{*$:Var1}" :)

   (:Var1:my markup block:)

The above will work exactly as if you wrote:

   (:include Template.MyTemplate param1="my markup block" :)

Note that the include markup doesn't expect line breaks in the 
parameters, so your variable you can be a line, not a multiline block.

If I need to pass a multiline block, I would try passing a page section 
to be included by the included page, something like:

   (:include Template.MyTemplate param1="SomePage#start#end" :)

and then Template.MyTemplate has a line like this:

   (:include {$$param1}:)

And SomePage contains something like:

   This is line 1.
   Line 2.


On 21/06/2021 22:04, Charlie Hayes wrote:
> I would like to pass a block of markup to an (:include :)
> Something like:
> (:set var1:)
> my markup block
> (:setend:)
> (:include Template.MyTemplate param1={$var1} :)
> I’ve been playing around with and reading through the documentation
> and can’t figure out a built in method or a cookbook plugin.
> Any ideas?
> -Charlie

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